French Art Deco natural sapphire and diamond ring

Period: Art Deco circa 1930
Origin: French work (French punches)
Metal: Gold 750/1000 (18 k)
Total weight (gross): 3.30 grams
Finger size: 53.5 (size adjustment possible)
Diameter (ring head): 1.5 cm x 1.3 cm
Type of stones: Sapphire (approximately 2.60 carats, Carat Gem Lab certificate indicating the absence of thermal modification), old cut diamonds (approximately 1 carat)
State of conservation: Very good state of conservation
At the end of the war, French society underwent great transformations. This period was marked by a desire for renewal which was to be expressed in Art Deco.
Art Deco is the name given to the « modern » style of the 20th century. He enjoyed worldwide influence during the interwar years and expressed himself in all areas of creation. This period marked the history of jewelry by associating inventiveness of forms with extraordinary finesse of work on platinum.
This type of antique jewelry is enjoying increasing success given its timelessness.
Bibliographical references:
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Price: 3980 euros
Reference: 19 031 1

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