Why to select Maison Riondet

Our experience enables us to have a wide expertise in the market. Selling an antique jewel is an act that needs to be trusted to an antique professional.

Assessment methods

Should you need an estimate of your jewel, this can be done through a picture sent by email or by post.

An appointment is subsequently fixed at our main offices to complete the assessment. We can also meet you in the comfort of your own home.

Oral estimates are free of charge.

Purchase Terms

Purchase options :

  • Immediate purchase: this option can be rapidly accomplished.
  • Consignment: the price is agreed together with the applicant for each jewel. A mandate to sell and receipt are established. The payment is made after the sale.

With these two options, the jewels are not kept on hold over a long period, unlike at an auction. Besides, there are no extra charges.